Château de Tonquédec
Château de Tonquédec

One of the most impressive castles in Brittany!

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Château de Tonquédec AD (6,00€)
Château de Tonquédec Enfant (4 - 12 ans) (3,00€)

In the heart of a marvellous forest, on a rocky spur dominating the Léguer, stands the majestic castle of Coëtmen, a proud witness to the history of Brittany and a magnificent work of military architecture. The adventure of our ancestors, the Sires de Coëtmen-Penthièvre, descendants of the Dukes of Brittany, is also that of medieval Brittany.
Do not hesitate to contact us and especially to come and visit the castle. Each visitor contributes directly to the maintenance and restoration of this exceptional place. Be amazed!

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